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Ceramics Expo in Cleveland April 28-30

Ceramics Expo April 28-30 in Cleveland

Ceramics Expo April 28-30 in Cleveland

AU is co-organizing the first-ever Ceramics Expo in Cleveland on April 28-30.  This conference was organized to specifically address the needs of the industrial community.

“It’s great to see a manufacturing exhibition for ceramics,” said CACT Deputy Director Barry Watkins.  “Hopefully, this will lead to economic growth.  And it’s a great opportunity for our students.”

Admission is free:  register today.

Watkins was appointed conference chair for this year’s conference and many moderators and presenters are faculty at AU.  Included are CACT Director, Dr. Matthew Hall, Dean Doreen Edwards,  Dr. Scott Misture and Dr. William Carty.

The conference will present through two tracks presenting simultaneously:  1) ceramic & glass manufacturing ; 2) glass & ceramic applications. 

The manufacturing track will present opportunities and challenges facing the industry.  Sample topics include: sustainable manufacturing,; testing, analytical and quality assurance; volume manufacturing  & automation.

The applications track will focus on key characteristics with regard to application issues.  Sample topics include: properties of optical ceramics; electrical conductivity;  materials for extreme environments.