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Alfred University among top 23 percent of schools nationally for federal work-study program

Alfred University ranks in the top 23 percent of four-year colleges and universities in the country for its record in giving students meaningful employment and helping them to meet college costs through the Federal Work-Study Program.

            A new study, issued by Student Loan Report, highlighted Alfred University for its participation in the federally funded program, ranking the University 167 out of 730 four-year colleges and universities that reported Federal Work-Study aid and job figures.

            “We are very proud Alfred University is among the top 23 percent of all colleges and universities in the country,” said President Mark Zupan. “Considering we are ranked among much larger schools for the number of work-study opportunities we provide, we can be proud of what we are doing to help our students finance their educations, and gain meaningful employment opportunities that boost their professional, post-graduation success.”

            Drew Cloud, who authored the report, said Alfred University’s inclusion in the report “means that your school offered some of the best opportunities for students to work, learn and earn during school compared to the rest of the country.

            Participating in the Federal Work-Study program “is a big deal,” Cloud said. “The Federal Work-Study program is enormously beneficial to students looking for ways to limit student debt and find work experiences within their degree field.”