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Get a check from AU? Make sure it's not a scam

Alfred University is currently receiving reports of fraudulent check activity.  If you receive an unexpected check that looks like it is from Alfred University you should assume that it is fraudulent. If someone tries to pay you for personal goods or services (e.g.: items on Ebay or craigslist, cosmetics, etc.) with a check that looks like it is from Alfred University assume that it is fraudulent.  If someone tries to pay you or get you to cash a check and give them all or part of the money you should assume that the check is fraudulent.  The University has fraud protection on all of its bank accounts which ensures that any check not actually issued by Alfred University will not be honored.  The University does not assume any liability for any losses associated with these fraudulent checks.  These losses include, but are not limited to, money that your bank may charge you for cashing or depositing the fraudulent check and fees requested by the fraudulent check issuer.  If you have a questionable check that you would like to report to Alfred University, please contact the business office at