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Fosdick-Nelson Gallery hosts glass installation artists

Alfred University’s Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Harder Hall, will host the opening of an exhibition featuring the work of two glass installation artists, Æsa Björk and Hiromi Takizawa, with a reception Friday, Jan. 25 from 7  to 9 p.m. The public is invited.

Their exhibit, “Gage/Gaze,” running through Feb. 23, is inspired by optical observations of inner and outer landscapes and the exploration of measuring devices.

Takizawa, born and raised in Nagano, Japan, uses self-awareness fueled by a history of dislocation as an inheritance of her immigrant status to make glass art depicting the mitigation of inner and outer self.

Using light as it is seen outside of and contained in glass Takizawa builds a dialogue characterized by juxtaposing perceptual shifts between the inner substances of her work and its outward projecting appearance. Takizawa uses the observation of this relationship to build a narrative of inner self versus and relating to outer self, a concept close to home due to her emigration from Japan years ago.

Björk, an internationally cultivated glass artist describes her work as searching for new ways to expand the technical and expressive boundaries of her medium.

She considers the duality of time as the fleeting minute instance and the loom upon which life is played out, eventually out running life itself. This relationship of the finite moment rolling itself out infinitely into a vaster agent founds ideas of liquidity and the expressions of transience within her work.  Through ideas concerning attempts to measure Björk emphasizes the ephemera of life.

The Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, located in Harder Hall, at Alfred University’s School of Art and Design offers an opportunity for community members within a 60 mile radius to experience the contemporary work of established and emerging artists. The gallery hosts artists based locally out of New York State, nationally and abroad. Fosdick-Nelson programming presents community members the opportunity to engage with artists, curators, and scholars.

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