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Art & design faculty/staff offer largest-ever exhibition - ‘Exploding Boundaries

The Fosdick-Nelson Gallery at Alfred University (AU) is presenting a faculty and staff group exhibition entitled “Exploding Boundaries: Faculty and Staff Explorations in Drawing” through Friday, April 5, 2013.

The exhibition, which has been co-organized by Joseph Scheer, professor of printmaking, and Gerar Edizel, professor of art history, is the largest-ever faculty and staff group exhibit in AU’s School of Art and Design. With contributions from over 50 artists, who celebrate their commitment to exploring the potentials of drawing, it focuses on the recent explosion of drawing as an activity for artistic research and experimentation.

This medium has attracted renewed attention as it lends itself to cutting across demarcation lines between other mediums such as painting, printmaking, digital images, sculpture, installation, performance, and time-based media. It favors the merging and hybridization of other mediums and practices.

In conjunction with “Exploding Boundaries, Sight Lines,” a drawing exhibition featuring student work, will open on the same night in the Turner Gallery. This exhibition proposed by students Jess Detweiler and Julie Verdone, is juried by Kathy Vajda, adjunct professor of  art and design.

Cards and posters advertising the gallery show were designed by Emily Drummond; Chris Taylor served as the gallery preparator. Olivia Hartwig and Rachel Chicaguala are the current directors of the Robert C. Turner Gallery.

There will also be a Drawing Symposium in the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Wednesday, March 20,  at 5 p.m.

Edizel holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from the State Academy of Applied Fine Arts, a master of fine arts degree from Southern Illinois University, and a master of arts degree and Ph.D. from Cornell University.

He has presented at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver; the University of Nevada-Las Vegas; and at National Glass Day in Washington, D.C. His artist’s statement reads, “…teaching, very much like art, aims at increasing awareness and as such is a socially and politically transformative act... Art and artists are themselves transformed in their attempt at generating alternative views of the world…”

Scheer’s work has been most recently exhibited at The Brooklyn Museum of Art; the National Museum of China, Beijing; The Regional Museum of Kristianstad, Sweden; and The Field Museum, Chicago. He has published two books about his work and has been written about in publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times, and Forbes.

His artist’s statement reads, “My artwork of the last decade has been a continuing dialog with the natural sciences. My hope is that the work explores the inherent basis of the human need for nature… I believe that we live in a time in which it is highly critical to promote our respect for, and redefine the delicate relationship to, the many living things on our planet.”

The staff members who contributed works to “Exploding Boundaries: Faculty and Staff Explorations in Drawing” are Brian Arnold; Michael Ashley; Treavor Bennett; Leslie Bellavance; Æsa Bjork; Beer Bode; Xiaowen Chen; William Contino; Anne Currier; Andrew Deutsch; Gerar Edizel; Andrea Gill; John Gill; Jason Green; Devin Henry; Wayne Higby; Paul Higham; Allison Hoag; Robin Howard; Brett Hunter; Mahlon Huston; Michelle Illuminato; Dale Inglett; Mark Klingensmith; Nicholas Kuder; Coral Lambert; Barbara Lattanzi; Lise Lemeland; Judy Livingston; Ashley Lyon; Nicholas Marshall; Lydia McCarthy; Sharon McConnell; Walter McConnell; Mary McInnes; Stephanie McMahon; Theodore Morgan; Shawn Murrey; Angus Powers; Mario Prisco; Joseph Scheer; Linda Sikora; Kala Stein; Christopher Taylor; Angie To; Fred Tschida; Kristen Tordella-Williams; Kathy Vajda; Alex Williams; Donald Weinhart; Kevin Wixted; and hope Zaccagni.

The Fosdick-Nelson Gallery is open Monday-Friday, 11a.m.-4 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 1-3 p.m.; closed University hlidays.