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Assemblyman Gabryszak tours Alfred University

NYS Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, D-143, examines a 3-D printer in Alfred University’s “fab lab.”  Used by students in both the School of Art & Design and the Inamori School of Engineering, the 3-D printer allows students to produce three-dimensional objects.  The printer lays down thin layers of material, gradually building up the object through a computer-aided process.  With Assemblyman Gabryszak is Corine Pettit, a senior ceramic engineering major from Strykersville, NY.  She is the daughter of Donald and Coleen Pettit, and is a graduate of Holland Central School.  Gabryszak, who chairs the Assembly’s Task Force on University-Industry Cooperation, toured the School of Engineering to learn about its research that supports New York State industry.