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AU Rural Justice educator to present program exploring teen dating

Patrick Monahan, education specialist at Alfred University’s (AU) Rural Justice Institute, will conduct a guided presentation exploring the teen dating scene as it relates to parents, teachers, and the success of adolescents at the Institute for Human Services (IHS) in Bath, Friday, June 21, from 9:45 a.m.-noon.

Admission is free for IHS members and $15 for non-members and may be paid at the door. Contact for more details.

In an effort to help parents and mentors support fast-maturing children, the two-hour presentation, “Teen Dating 2013,” will cover tough questions. Monahan will look at topics associated with youth culture and assess how its affects on dating have changed over time.

The presentation will feature a brief review of the research related to teen dating violence and how it pertains to middle school and high school students.

Questions asked and explained will be associated with controlling and abusive behavior in young adult relationships, how that behavior may be noticed, or not, by the partners in the relationship, and what affect culture and community have on behaviors.

Further emphasis will be placed on navigating discussions with children and understanding how technology and social media relate to the youth dating scene. “Teen Dating 2013” is applicable to all ages; issues discussed may be beneficial to develop as talking points with children as they grow.

The RJI at Alfred University includes University faculty and staff, representing various departments and services, who collaborate with local agencies and school districts to support their services and help ensure the success of troubled youths and families in the area.  

Monahan has been an education specialist with the RJI at AU since 2004 and has served as liaison between RJI and both the public and private sectors.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the health and success of Southern Tier businesses and families.

“Teen Dating 2013” runs from 9:45 a.m. to noon, Friday June 21. Admission for this presentation is free for IHS members and $15 for non-members and may be paid at the door. Contact for more details.