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AU's undergraduate education among nation's best says 'The Princeton Review'

Alfred University (AU) provides one of the nation’s best undergraduate educations, according to The Princeton Review’s 2014 college guide “The Best 378 Colleges.”

The education services company notes only some 15 percent of America’s four-year colleges, and only four colleges outside the U.S.A., are profiled in the current book, which includes detailed descriptions of those listed.  The Princeton Review’s findings come from surveys of 126,000 students attending the colleges included on the list.

“Because ‘U.S. News’s’ rankings have consistently lost credibility over the past decade, it is more important than ever for publications such as the ‘Princeton Review,’ to affirm  our quality,” said Alfred University President Dr. Charles M. Edmondson. “To be ranked among the top 5 percent of North America’s 5,200 plus colleges and universities is an honor for Alfred University and a signal to our students that they have made a wise decision by enrolling here,” he continued.

Among the comments found on the AU profile page in “The Best 378 Colleges” guide is the assessment that “Alfred University is a small school with an impressive range of world-class majors. The school is known for its ‘excellent art program,’ particularly its ceramics and glass majors, as well as for its engineering and psychology programs. While some students at Alfred focus only on their majors, students happily report that there are a ‘variety of academic opportunities’ and that it’s ‘easy to take subjects outside your major.’ ”

Also touted is Alfred’s “outstanding, talented, dedicated” faculty, “one of its biggest draws.” Another draw - Alfred’s “strong equestrian program.”

In addition, “Alfred’s ‘beautiful,’ ‘small’ campus and its ‘somewhat rural location’ are big draws for students looking for a quieter academic experience with a strong ‘sense of community.’ Alfred has a ‘warm’ atmosphere, and ‘You can’t go down the street without receiving a smile.’ Students are ‘friendly, outgoing, and involved,’ and many do community service work and are active in one of Alfred’s many clubs or organizations.”

Robert Franek, Princeton Review’s senior vice president/publisher and author of “The Best 378 Colleges,” writes “Alfred University offers outstanding academics, which is the primary criteria for our choice of schools for the book. We base our selections primarily on data we obtain in our annual institutional data surveys. We also take into account input we get from our staff, our 35-member National College Counselor Advisory Board, our personal visits to schools, and the wide range of feedback we get from our surveys of students attending these schools.”

The Princeton Review ( is an education services company known for its test-prep courses, tutoring, books, and other student resources. Headquartered in Framingham, MA, the Company is not affiliated with Princeton University.