AU Press Releases

School psychology program granted five-year approval

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has completed its review of the Alfred University (AU) Specialist (MA/CAS) Program in School Psychology and has granted full approval of the curriculum through 2018.

“This recognition affirms the continuing excellence of the Alfred University Program,” said Dr. Nancy Evangelista, dean of the College of Professional Studies. “This process of comprehensive peer review culminating in full approval brings prestige and visibility to the program, the College of Professional Studies, and Alfred University.”

Alfred University’s MA/CAS was one of the first such programs to achieve national approval and has maintained this status through four periodic reviews since 1994. NASP approval means the program meets nationally recognized standards for education and training in the field of school psychology. Such approval qualifies program graduates for national-level certification in school psychology, a credential that facilitates certification in 35 states beyond New York.

AU’s MA/CAS program in School Psychology, consisting of two years of full-time study followed by a full year internship, satisfies the academic portion of the NYS Education Department requirements for permanent certification. The program also satisfies requirements for national certification as a school psychologist.

The school psychology program at AU blends a substantial foundation in the basic science of psychology with its longstanding tradition of extensive field experience and practical skills development. In the first year, students participate in extensive fieldwork in Alfred-area school systems. Such practical experience assists the students in developing an understanding of the complexities of the school environment and lays a foundation of knowledge that better prepares the student for the challenges they will encounter as a professional school psychologist.

During the second year, students have experience in the campus Child and Family Services Center. This practicum exposes students to the environment of a community clinic and gives them direct experience in intake assessment, consultation, and counseling with children and their families.

The final year of the program consists of a full-time internship in a public school system. The student generally receives a stipend from the school in which they intern. This experience is the culmination of the student’s classroom and previous fieldwork and allows the student to perform the duties of a school psychologist.