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Alumnus’s ‘Flugelhorn’ plays in front yard of coffeehouse

“Boone’s Flugelhorn,” a public installation artwork by Tempe, AZ artist Bobby Zokaites, AU class of ’08 based on the theme of play, can be seen in the front yard of Bergies Coffee Roast House in Gilbert, AZ. Stop by before the end of June 2014 to take a look.

Bobby’s art is part of the Gilbert Arts, Culture and Tourism Board’s foray into the Valley public art project. The coffeehouse is at 309 N. Gilbert Road, Gilbert. For more information, go to: and

“Only an artist could combine seat-belt material, steel and a drainage culvert into a work of art and expect it to inspire a sense of play,” says the local newspaper, The Republic. The paper’s account continues: “The work stands out because of its yellow, orange and smoky-blue colors. It comprises two conical shapes inspired by a flugelhorn affixed horizontally with the help of a steel pole. Children may not climb on it, but the bottom of the artwork may be used as a bench.”

Bobby says: “My work investigates themes of adventure and childhood while utilizing construction and assembly methods inspired by industrial processes.”

Bobby chose to use discarded seat-belt material to keep the project “green.” Several years ago, he and a group of friends began a materials-exchange program out of Alfred University of New York.

“Because students go through a lot of material, what we did was get a storage container so that we can recycle that material. Since then, we’ve been very interested in the reuse material and appropriation from industry,” he said. The seat-belt material is surplus that has been in a warehouse for more than 25 years.”