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‘Boy Walker’ tells tale from the leash

David Perlstein, AU Class of 1966, has a new novel available, “The Boy Walker.” Kirkus Reviews says it is “A funny, affecting novel about fragmented lives that slip the leash.”

“The Boy Walker” presents the intersection of tragedy and stand-up comedy. A 12-year-old English bulldog named Brute Greenbaum struggles to hold together a father and adult son estranged yet living in the same San Francisco house. A self-proclaimed “dog among dogs,” Brute’s fierce demeanor conceals a keen intellect and a taste for rabbinic (Hebrew language used by rabbis) wisdom along with the biting humor of a stand-up comic. He narrates a tale of tragic loss, odd relationships, foolish misadventures, dark secrets, and the redemptive power of laughter. 

The first three chapters of “The Boy Walker” can be read at The novel can be purchased at,, and by order at other bookstores. 

Also, David’s short-short story, “White on White,” appears in the winter 2014 edition of Summerset Review.