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Bergren Forum speaker to focus on South Africa

Dr. Nicholas Waddy, associate professor of history at Alfred State College, will present “After Mandela: Reflections on Recent Travels in South Africa” as a part of Alfred University’s Bergren Forum Series. The presentation will take place on Thursday, March 6 at 12:10 p.m. in Nevins Theater, Powell Campus Center. The event is open to the public free of charge.

His talk will focus on the role Nelson Mandela played in South African history, the apprehension that many South Africans feel related to his passing, and the prospects for racial reconciliation and political stability in the post-Mandela era. Waddy will show numerous photos from his travels and he welcomes questions about his experiences.

In June and July 2013, Waddy traveled throughout southern Africa.  He spent most of his time in South Africa itself, but also visited Botswana, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe.  He presented a paper at the conference of the Southern African Historical Society, but he spent most of his time meeting long-lost South African relatives and backpacking around the country. 

Waddy has been teaching at Alfred State College since 2002 offering a wide variety of classes including cross-cultural encounters, Africa and the West, and minority cultures. His work has been published numerous times, most recently in the Journal of the Historical Association of South Africa. Waddy earned a Ph.D. in history from the University of Rochester.   

The Bergren Forum, sponsored by the Alfred University Division of Human Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, meets Thursdays during each academic semester at Alfred University. Participants are encouraged to bring a lunch; coffee and tea will be available.