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Alumnus’s collaborative art at Santa Barbara college

A multimedia studio art collaborative based in Claremont, CA, Tim Berg, AU Class of 2003, and Rebekah Myers are exhibiting their work through Friday, April 11 at Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA.

The duo aims to distill the stereotypical perceptions and associations within our culture into visually compelling objects, sculptures and installations. Whether they create an installation describing the impending doom of the dinosaurs or a valise filled with gold lucky charms their iconography is drawn from the animals, objects and/or situations that operate as commonplace tropes within our culture.

Jointly Berg and Myers have participated in multiple solo exhibitions including “An embarrassment of riches” (2013) and “On the brink” (2011) both at Dean Project Gallery in New York, NY. Over the years Berg and Myers have also participated in numerous group exhibitions in the United States, Mexico, South Korea, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Tim is an associate professor at Pitzer College, Claremont, CA.