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AU graduates show high earning capacity says PayScale

The earning capacity of Alfred University (AU) graduates ranks 15th out of 40 Upstate New York colleges and universities according to PayScale, a compensation-data firm headquartered in Seattle.

PayScale ranks colleges according to the adjusted earning power of their alumni. It calculates the average total income for a graduate of a given school over the first 20 years following graduation. Then, it subtracts two sums: the cost of college and the average earnings that a high school graduate could expect over the same period. What remains, theoretically, are the earnings that can be attributed to attending a given school.

In its 2014 College ROI (Return On Investment) Report, PayScale calculates the adjusted earnings of an AU graduate at $273,800, or a 5 percent annual rate of return.

“While the value of education cannot be measured solely by the income one may earn, this study demonstrates that employers recognize the value of an Alfred University education,” said AU President Dr. Charles M. Edmondson.

Earl E. Pierce, vice president for Enrollment Management, added, “We frequently emphasize the value of an AU education when speaking with students and families. It is nice to receive this external validation of what we on campus know.”

The recognition is a welcome one, said Dr. Rick Stephens, provost and vice president of Academic Affairs. “Earnings and career navigation are very important outcomes for students, families, and communities. To get such outstanding results, however, requires quality in every phase. AU’s history has demonstrated that a rich combination of liberal arts and professional programs, along with meaningful co-curricular offerings produces just those kinds of results we all hope for in our graduates.”

AU ranks 424th nationally out of the 1,310 institutions in PayScale’s report.