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Team rallies against domestic violence

The Alfred University softball team has created a video that seeks to help educate people on to the problem of domestic violence.

The video was made in conjunction to the No More Campaign, a national effort to create public awareness of the problem of domestic violence and sexual assault. April is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but the effort to bring the message of the No More Campaign to the AU campus began in February, according to Amber Hardy, the University’s wellness educator.

“We brought the campaign here to engage students, and get them talking about what makes a healthy relationship,” Hardy explained. “Valentine’s Day is in February, and it’s a time when students are thinking about relationships.”

As part of the No More Campaign, Hardy asked coaches of the AU varsity sports teams to get their players involved. The plan was to have players fill out a flier in which they completed the phrase, “I Say No More Because….” The fliers, which would be accompanied by the players’ photos, would be displayed on campus as a way to get the anti-violence message out.

“The idea is to help take a stand for people (victims of violence) who don’t have a strong voice,” Hardy explained.

That’s where the softball team came in. The players and coaches decided that they would be more effective in getting the message across by creating a video – in which players spoke about why they say “no more” – and posting it to Youtube.

“Being a retired cop, I saw a lot of (domestic violence). I saw it as an important message to get out,” explained head softball coach Gino Olivieri, a retired Monroe County Sheriff’s Department deputy. “I suggested (to the team) that we do more, and the girls were all for it. They felt strongly about doing the video.”

Olivieri said each of the players wrote their own comments speaking out against domestic violence and sexual assault. Hardy was impressed with the video and the team’s willingness to get actively involved with the No More Campaign in campus.

“They’ve just flown with it,” she said. “The girls went way above and beyond when they made that video.”

Hardy noted that the softball players weren’t the only student-athletes to get involved. She said the men’s and women’s swimming and diving team participated by filling out fliers that were posted on campus.

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