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Graduate students' business paper selected for publication in European journal

A paper written by two Alfred University (AU) graduate students has been accepted for print in a European business publication.

Expert Journal of Business and Management, a European, peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles on business and management, has accepted a paper by Stefan Nonnenmann, a business administration major from Germany, and Brett Dennis, an accounting major from Webster, in which they discuss how appears to be moving against the popular trend in business circles of seeking profitability at all cost.

In “Amazon: Is profitability a possibility?” Nonnenmann and Dennis write about Amazon’s growth strategy, which they contend is not in profits.

“In today’s society, companies seem to all be following the same trend; growth in profitability at all cost,” they write in their abstract. “Higher profits, for the most part, leads to more investors and more potential financing. appears to be breaking that trend, however. Their strategy seems to be growth, but not in profits.”

The students explore “how and why is growing at such a fast pace while their profits are staying steady at a very low level. Is profitability a possibility for Amazon? We believe that a marginal increase in price could accomplish just that, with a minimal impact to consumers.”

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