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Alfred University - Graduate School - School Psychology ResearchThe program at Alfred University is strongly committed to training practitioner-scientists. Thus, we expect our students to be both knowledgeable consumers and active practitioners of research.

Research apprenticeship - During the first year of the program, each student works as an apprentice to a faculty member. Students may develop their own study or work on a study developed by a faculty member or more advanced doctoral student. Through this orientation, our students gain experience in planning and conducting research, analyzing data, and writing studies.

Statistics and research sequence - Across the second and third years of the program, doctoral students take three courses in Statistical Analysis and Research Design. Thus, they understand a broad range of research methodologies, as well as basic and advanced statistical techniques.

Dissertation - The dissertation is the culminating student research experience. Through this experience, students conduct an independent research project on a topic they select related to the practice of psychology with children and families. This project is supervised by a sponsoring committee of faculty members.

Students and faculty members regularly work on additional research projects with one another. View recent examples of student involvement in research.

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Andrea Burch, Psy.D.
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