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The Great Siggie vs. Siggy Debate
Alfred's Honors Program, like any organization, has its own traditions. Our fall reception, Death by Chocolate, and our spring banquet are popular social events. We have a motto, too - "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." And we have our seal. Siggie, or maybe Siggy, is the "seal" of the Honors Program. Not to worry that the seal is a walrus. Best to accept some things as they are.

The University has a seal too, except it's all in Latin: "Universitatis Alfrediensis Sigillum." In the middle of the seal is the University's motto, "Fiat Lux," which translates as "Let there be light." Those words are surrounded by a rising sun, its rays illuminating the world with knowledge.

The Honors Program's seal (walrus) does not have a Latin name, for in keeping with our informal nature, we have eschewed the rather pretentious Sigillum for the more user friendly Siggy, or, perhaps, Siggie. The name was first suggested by Caroline Mossip, the mother of an AU Honors student.

For years it was assumed the Honors seal's name was spelled "Siggie," but that all changed when a student, Robyn "Felix" Eddy, created several designs for a medallion Honors students could wear at graduation. Under each sketch she wrote "Siggy," leading to a momentous debate among Honors students. First, of course, they debated whether we should spell our seal's name "Siggie" or "Siggy," but they could not avoid the related issue of gender - is our seal/walrus male or female?

One of the hallmarks of the Alfred University Honors program is the opportunity to take seemingly ordinary, everyday discussions, such as this one, and turn them into intellectual quests. If you would like to share your opinion, email Dr. Gordon Atlas, Director of the Honors Program.Walrus Icon

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