AU Press Releases

Alfred Art Walk: 12 galleries open Thursday

Stroll through Alfred, NY, Thursday, Oct. 19, between 6 and 9 p.m. and you will be able to view exhibition in 12 galleries scattered throughout the village.

Participating venues include:

The Alfred Ceramic Art Museum.  Three exhibitions open that evening.

Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Harder Hall, Alfred University

Moka Joka, Harder Hall, Alfred University

TSI/Harland Snodgrass Gallery, Harder Hall, Alfred University

Scholes Library Gallery, Alfred University

Cohen Gallery, 55 N. Main St., Alfred University

Gallery2 Gifts of Distinction, 43 N. Main St.

Terra Cotta Coffeehouse, 34 N. Main St.

Hinkle Library Gallery, Alfred State College

Alfred State College Typography Lab

Bret Llewellyn Gallery at Alfred State College