AU Press Releases

APEX: New program provides opportunities, and funding to make them happen

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of APEX, a program that will allow juniors and seniors to apply for funding to enhance their career decision-making, increase their opportunities after graduation, and inspire them to find their passions in life. APEX will provide funding one of the following experiences:

1. Work experiences:

Clinical placements (e.g. Athletic Training)
Practicum experiences (e.g. Student Teaching)
On-campus internships
Art Apprenticeships/residencies
Volunteerism/Civic Engagement

2. Study and Research:

Study Abroad or off-campus study
Undergraduate research
Service Learning classes
Capstone projects (i.e. Women's Leadership Academy)
This program has been made possible by generous start-up funding from Michele and Marty Cohen, and will begin in the fall 2018 semester as a pilot program.

For more information, please contact:

Kathy Woughter
Vice President for Student Affairs


Angie To
Associate Professor, Foundations